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  • Photo of Shri Prashant Singh, Hon'ble Acting Advocate General Hon'ble Advocate General
    • Anticipatory Bail of Vyapam Accused rejected by High Court (TimeStamp : 18.Dec.2017 12:43 PM)

      Hon'ble High Court rejected anticipatory bails of Directors of private medical colleges and officers concerned saying that "The action of petitioner has led to admission of large number of candidates at the cost of more meritorious candidates in a professional course. The impact of action of petitioners, if proved, would show that how the professional courses are being conducted by the private medical colleges, therefore, in view of the seriousness of the allegations, which have wide ramification on the cause of professional education in the State, we do not find that the petitioners are entitled to concession of pre-arrest bail”

    • Arbitration on Works Contract (TimeStamp : 21.Aug.2017 04:40 PM)

      While disposing off AA/14/2017 related to AC/27/2013, the Full Bench has held that if an agreement by whatever name called falls within the definition of work contract and the reference between the parties is covered in the definition of 'dispute' as defined under the MP Madhyastam Adhikaran Adhiniyam 1983, then the reference for adjudication has to be made to the Tribunal as constituted under Section 3 of MP Adhiniyam of 1983

    • Teacher’s claim of enhanced age of superannuation- Full Bench (TimeStamp : 21.Aug.2017 02:17 PM)

      In disposing off the WA/950/2015 Dr SC Jain vs State of M.P, the Full bench declined the claim of teachers for enhanced age of superannuation upto 65 years. The FB has also answered the relevant questions of interpretation of Statute/college code and the applicability of UGC Regulations 2010 on aided private colleges.

    • Higher Education Department dated 12 Jun 2017 (TimeStamp : 12.Jun.2017 05:24 PM)

      Chief Minister’s Meritorious Student Scheme dated 12 Jun 2017

    • Home Depatment dated 23 May 2016 (TimeStamp : 23.May.2016 05:06 PM)

      Govt House allotment Rule 2000 amendment dated 23 May 2016

    • General Administration Department dated 2017-18 (TimeStamp : 27.Jun.2017 04:12 PM)

      State Govt latest Transfer Policy 2017-18